Pre Collections

We start with our “soft collect” process

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At Avadanian & Associates, we understand how delicate the collections process can be. Running a successful business that can meet all of its bills on time is challenging, which is why we offer a full range of “soft collections” or pre-collections services that can remind your most valued clients that their accounts are overdue. We are proud to be the most respected name in collections and we look forward to working with your company to obtain the monies that are rightfully yours.

The pre-collections process begins 30 days prior to traditional collections. This process is considered a more polite and civil way to alert those in debt to you that payment is needed. Pre collection is a proactive and highly respected method of obtaining overdue debt that more and more companies are turning to. If you and your company are ready to explore this avenue of debt collection, contact Avadanian & Associates today to learn more.

Avadanian & Associates can help you craft every stage of the pre-collections process, including dunning notices, remits and more.

Dunning notices are always customized and approved by you and your business before they are mailed out to debtors. Remits are calculated via gross payments or net, depending on how you keep your books. All of our clients are given the ability to directly access the Avadanian & Associates computer system so you can check the status of your late payments online without having to wait on hold to speak to a representative. Track every aspect of your collections process with ease.

Our pre-collections procedure has been crafted with years of experience. Our process always considers and respects your client even though they owe your money. For instance, during the 30-day pre-collections procedure, no follow up phone calls are made to allow debtors the privacy and respect they deserve. Once that 30-day pre-collections period is over, however, a regular, more stringent collections procedure will take place.

Running a business in this day and age, and in this economy, is difficult enough as it is. With the help of Avadanian & Associates, you can begin pre-collections procedures on all of your debtors right now. Collect with is rightfully yours with the help of Avadanian & Associates.